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Thrilling Water Activities with an Eco-Conscious Twist

When I think of summer, I envision the joy of swimming in refreshing waters, whether it be at the beach, a pool, or a serene lake. However, as a summer camp without access to a body of water, enjoying water activities can be a little challenging. Not only do we need to create alternative avenues for water based fun, but for us it is important that these alternative activities align with our eco-conscious values. Join me as I share our favorite activities that combine thrilling water experiences with a mindful approach to the environment.

The top item on my favorites list to create thrilling water activities with an eco-conscious twist is definitely sponges! They’re incredibly versatile, reusable and easy to keep clean. Campers have a blast with Wet Sponge Relay Races, a round of Wet Sponge Hot Potato and Sponge Fights. To play all these games, all you need is some buckets, sponges and water. To avoid overusing water, we recommend filling up your bucket with water once for all three games.

Wet Sponge Relay Race


  • 2 water buckets

  • 2 sponges (the bigger the better!)

How to play: Divide your campers into 2 groups and line each up in front of the 2 water buckets. Once ready, both teams will pass the sponge over their heads, once it reaches the last camper, they must run to the front of the line, dip the sponge in the bucket and start passing the sponge over head. Repeat until the original first person is back to being first.

Wet Sponge Hot Potato


  • 1 water bucket

  • 1 sponge

  • music.

How to play: Sit the campers in a circle, dip the sponge in the water, when the music starts, the campers start passing the sponge until the music stops. The person holding the sponge is out. Dip the sponge in the water before continuing the game. Repeat until only 1 camper is left.

Sponge Fight:


  • 2 buckets

  • 1 sponge per camper

How to play: Divide the campers into 2 teams, each team gets a bucket filled with water and sponges. Say “ready set go!” and the campers will begin to grab sponges and throw them to the opposite team until all sponges are done or all water is out.

The next item on my list has gotten quite popular this summer, reusable water balloons. I really like balloons but the clean up is never fun and creates unnecessary waste, which is why these reusable balloons are perfect! The most thrilling game to play with water balloons is catch. This game builds on motor skills, teamwork and is fun!

Water Balloon Catch


  • Reusable water balloons, 1 per each pair of campers

  • 1 bucket of water

How to play: Ask each camper to find a partner, they will get 1 balloon and stand facing each other about 12 inches apart. When ready they will throw the balloon to each other, if they are able to catch the reusable balloon, then they will each take a step back. Repeat until one is unable to catch and the reusable balloon pops. When this happens the campers can go back to the water bucket, refill the balloon and start again!

In conclusion, when faced with the challenge of enjoying water activities without access to a body of water, we can find alternative avenues that align with eco-conscious values. Wet sponge games offer fun and excitement with minimal water usage and reusable water balloons provide a sustainable solution. Let's embrace these eco-friendly water activities and make the most of summer at camp.


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